Welcome to the Adopted FY12 Middlesex County Budget.  This online version of the Adopted budget uses the Microsoft Excel web format, please use Microsoft Internet Explorer for the best compatibility.  In the bottom left corner of the page are 4 arrows.  Use these arrows to move the tabs at the bottom of the page.  Each tab is a department page of the budget which shows the line by line items of that department.  If you click the right double arrow it will move you to the end of the tabs.  You can click the left double arrow and move to the beginning of the tabs.  If you follow the links on this page you will be taken to the Total Expense summary page or the School Budget Summary Page.  From the Total Expense summary page you can click on the links to each department sheet and then use the link on that page to return to the Total Expense summary page.  The adopted funds for Middlesex County Public Schools are listed under tab name School Budget.    
  Please feel free to browse the budget or any of the previous budgets or audits available on the web site.    
Expense Summary    
School Budget Summary