Emergency Services

Please sign up for citizen alerts from the Everbridge Emergency Alert System.  

Welcome to the Middlesex County Emergency Services section, where you will find valuable information designed to help citizens, businesses and organizations prepare for the next disaster that impacts Middlesex County. Why?

Middlesex County serves approximately 10,000 citizens. In a major disaster we will have approximately 30 first responders to assist this population! In such times, citizens will have to fend for themselves, for some time, even if injured.

To assist you in helping yourself, your loved ones, your community and local government, we have compiled disaster preparedness information designed to:

  • Help you prepare for disasters that take place when you're at home, work or on the road.
  • Find out how to become active in community preparedness activities and obtain additional skills that are useful for responding during disasters.
  • Learn about local, regional and national resources for information and materials.
  • Understand how your County is preparing and how we will respond during disasters.
  • Learn how to obtain and provide information during disasters.

Emergency Plan Documents