Crabs, Oysters & Seafood

Get your seafood right from the source!  Order from our aquaculture farms or visit Middlesex seafood markets that sell fresh crabs, oysters, clams, scallops and fish harvested by our own watermen from the Rappahannock River and the Chesapeake Bay.  Don't miss the market's scrumptious dips and other ready-to-eat foods.


Chesapeake Bay Oyster Company

Chesapeake Bay Oyster Company

1379 Wake Road
Wake, VA 23176
Sales Phone: 804-338-6530
Office Phone: 804-776-0220
Chesapeake Bay Oyster Company Website

Chesapeake Bay Oyster Company Facebook Page

Deltaville Oyster Company

Delatville Oyster Company

210 Circle Drive
Deltaville, VA 23043
Phone: 804-357-1931

Deltaville Oyster Company Facebook Page

Ferguson Seafood Company

Ferguson Seafood Company

36423 Tidewater Trail
Laneview, VA 22504
Phone: 804-758-8800
Ferguson Oyster Company Website

Garnett Seafood

Garnett Seafood

Phone: (804) 758-4695
4435 Waterview Rd
Waterview VA. 23180

Phone: 804-758-4695

Garnett Seafood Facebook Page

J&W Seafood Market

J&W Seafood Market

16552 General Puller Highway
Deltaville, VA 23043
Phone: 804-776-6400
J&W Seafood Market Website

J&W Seafood Market Facebook Page

Rappahannock Oyster Company

Rappahannock River Oyster Company

784 Locklies Creek Road
Topping, VA 23169
Phone: 804-204-1709
Rappahannock Oyster Company Website

Rappahannock Oyster Company Facebook Page

TM Williams & Sons

TM Williams and Sons

P.O. Box 503
Urbanna, VA 23175
Phone: 804-824-4738

Urbanna Seafood Market & Raw Bar

Fresh oysters in jars and shells

453 Johnsons Drive
Urbanna, VA 23175
Phone: 804-758-8588

Urbanna Seafood Market Website

Urbanna Seafood Market Facebook Page

Tony Walton Seafood

Waltons Oysters

5327 Old Virginia Street
Urbanna, VA 23175
Phone: 804-758-4085
Phone: 804-758-4085

Tony Walton Seafood Facebook Page