When is the Middlesex County Rabies Clinic?

Generally held the last Saturday in October.  For 2021, with the assistance of Dr. Skinner from Hartfield Animal Hospital, Tri-Rivers Health District, and the Middlesex County Treasurers Office, the County will be hosting a drive-through Rabies Vaccination Clinic on October 30th from 8am-10am at the Middlesex County Courthouse.   

This will allow you to have your animal vaccinated and to obtain your county dog/kennel license.   Email Cpl. R.T. Hirtz at r.hirtz@co.middlesex.va.us with the number of dogs you intend to bring, or call the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office and leave message for Cpl. Hirtz at 804-758-2779 with the same information.  This is to ensure that we have enough vaccinations available.  Cost is $10.00 for dogs and $17.00 for cats. 

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1. When is the Middlesex County Rabies Clinic?
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