1544 Regent Road,
Syringa, VA. 23169

Freeshade Community Center began as Syringa High School’s auditorium circa 1936. Syringa High School closed in 1950 with the consolidation of secondary schools and the creation of Middlesex High School. The school continued to operate as Syringa Elementary School until 1962. The old Syringa High School was torn down in 1963, but the auditorium sat vacant until 1970, when community members bought the building and grounds to provide a community center for the Syringa-Topping area. For almost 50 years, Freeshade Community Center served as a social gathering place for locals to get together for eating, dancing, listening to music and other festivities.

In November of 2015, the Freeshade Community Center members gave the property and building to Middlesex County to provide amble maintenance and upkeep the facility requires. Middlesex County is now offering Freeshade Community Center to the public for a minimal rental fee for events like family reunions, weddings, business meetings and other social engagements. We welcome you to enjoy the facility and continue its community use.