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Board Members are: John E. Boyd, Woodson Armstead, Monica Sanders (Vice Chairman), David Laughton, Wesley Dolezal(Chairman), and Marc Longest (Staff).


The Middlesex County Wetlands Board reviews requests for permits for the use, alteration or development of tidal wetlands, and enforces the regulation of the Middlesex County Wetlands Ordinance and the Coastal Primary Sand Dunes and Beaches ordinance.

The Board's jurisdiction concerns non-vegetated tidal wetlands between mean low water and mean high water, and vegetated tidal wetlands from mean low water to an elevation one and one-half times the mean tide range beach jurisdictional concerns extend from the low water line landward to where there is a marked change in either material composition or physiographic form such as a dune,bluff,or marsh, or where no such change can be identified, to the line of woody vegetation, (usually the effective limit of storm waves), or the nearest impermeable man-made structure, such as a bulkhead, revetment, or paved road.

Public notices of Wetlands Board public hearings are displayed as classified legal advertisements in the Southside Sentinel prior to the public hearing date.

Coastal Primary Sand Dune jurisdictional concerns are from a mound of unconsolidated sandy soil which is contiguous to mean high water, whose landward and lateral limits are marked by a change in grade from ten percent or greater to less than ten percent.


For additional information on tidal wetlands or the Wetlands Board, please consult our

Wetland Board Members

Members of the Wetlands Board are appointed to five year terms by the Board of Supervisors of Middlesex County.  The Wetlands Board meets on the 2nd Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. in the Board Room of the Woodward Building.  Meetings are open to the public and a copy of the agenda is available upon request.

Contact Us
Marc Longest
Environmental Officer

Monday - Friday
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Woodward Building
877 General Puller Hwy.
Saluda, VA. 23149

Meeting Location:
County Courthouse Complex
Meeting Time:
9 A.M. 2nd Tuesday of Month

Army Corp Joint Permit Application

There are two different Joint Permit Applications available for use depending on the type of activity that you are proposing.
The JPAs include detailed instructions on how to apply. If you propose to impact tidal waters, or wetlands, or dunes/beaches in the Tidewater area of Virginia, you may be eligible to use the TIDEWATER JPA, an abbreviated version of the Joint Permit Application. Activities eligible to use the Tidewater JPA include piers, boathouses, boat ramps, moorings, marinas, aquaculture facilities, riprap revetments, bulkheads, marsh toe stabilizations, breakwaters, beach nourishment, groins, jetties, road crossings over tidal waterways, and utility lines over or under tidal waterways.

Tidewater JPA PDF document with fillable forms

Dredging and excavation projects in tidal waterways/wetlands MUST use the Standard JPA.

Standard JPA PDF document with fillable forms

Board Members

Board Members

Phone Title


David Laughton
(804)758-4922   Saluda
Monica Sanders



Vice Chairman Harmony Village
Woodson Armstead (804)776-9413   Pinetop  
Jean Rhame (571)314-3865 Alternate Hartfield
John E. Boyd H-(804)758-5357
Wesley Dolezal C-(804)815-1108 Chairman Pinetop